"I just wanted to express my appreciation for the professional attitude of the folks doing the work in our neighborhood. They have worked quickly and done everything they can to stay out of the way of residents. They have also cleaned up after their work. Thank you." 
-Robin Johnston

"There have been three separate home owners on 182nd alone, that have approached me and complimented Landis and Landis Employees, for Their Professionalism and courtesy for the residents. This has been echoed many times throughout the project. I too would like to share their sentiment and gratitude. A special thanks to Lance Landis, Jason Stepp, Jason Davis , Brandon & Justin Vuylsteke, Ryan Rowlands, Salvador Granados, Shaun, Clay, Chris. And anybody I may  have missed . A top shelf crew. Thank you all for your hard work."
-Billy Terry

"Sewer workers just completed the connection of our home with the main pipe, all in a day, despite having to dig wider and deeper than they evidently expected. Given the inherent disruption of peace and movement, I want to applaud their good community relations. They were courteous and friendly, accommodating and professional, very fast but safe. They deserve to be commended."
-George Ivan Smith

"Mr. Landis, I wanted to take a brief moment and tell you how impressed we have been with your wonderful crew who have been working in our neighborhood over the recent month. I have never seen a harder working crew, and have been overwhelmed by their dedication to their jobs. I have come to know their supervisor, Jason, who has done an outstanding job of communicating with us regarding the important work that he and his crew members are doing for us. He is an excellent man, and talented supervisor. His efforts to take care of us have been very, very appreciated.  

Your entire crew is an asset to your organization, Mr. Landis. They work so diligently, and strive to do their best - even when the weather has been horrid. We have experienced some of the coldest weather in years, and yet your crew continues to work extremely hard and without complaint. They are a great group of individuals who clearly care about their job and the citizens of our community. I admire how they work as a team to get the job accomplished, and how they do with with high quality results! They are respectful and kind to everyone, and we are lucky to have them serving us! All of my neighbors feel likewise, sir."

-Ray Abriel